You can now support us directly!

Yoo People

You can now contribute to the band's financial well being through donating through a platform called Liberapay. It's a platform where you can support causes you belief in with the amount that you want. It's a subscription type thing, but it's now trap cause you can dial in how much money you'd like to spend. So even if you forget that you were subscribed to donate to us, it'll never donate any money, it'll simply stop.

I'll give you an example. Let's say you'd like to donate 10bucks, a one time thing. You can decide whether you'd like it to be donated throughout a few months, all at once or even throughout a full year. But, you'll only spend those 10bucks you signed up for, never more.

You can also say that you'd like to contribute 5bucks a month. And you'd like to do that for a year, so that's gonna be 60$ per year. And it'll never charge you more than that. If you opt in for a weekly or monthly donation you can always unsubscribe and stop your payments.

Liberapay is a non-profit donation organization and platform based in France. They don't take any of the money you invest in the causes you want to support.

So, if you want to make our lives a bit easier and want to ensure that we continue to change the world through music, head over to Liberapay and donate!

Much appreciated

Patrick Buzo