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New Single! Leave him Cold

On December 3rd we released our second Single 'Leave Him Cold' and already after only a couple of days the YouTube video had as many views as the already one month old video for 'Omelas'. Thank you!

On the streaming side of things I have to say neither of the two songs are doing great at all. What is really nice to see though is that the songs have many repeat listeners. So most of you don't just listen to the songs once through and you're done with them. I think most of you listened to the songs something like three times so far, that's awesome. I really hope that the music we write has enough complexity and emotional content that the first few times listening to the songs you get something new from each listen. Also, I found that listening through different sound systems can sometimes reveal parts of the music I didn't know were there at before.

I hope even after listening to the songs multiple times, you still get to enjoy our music regularly. And when you do listen to our music, let us know! Listening to our music is probably the biggest compliment you can give any musician!

Thank you so much for being here!

Patrick Buzo

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