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Maze to Eden - Live - June 7

Yoo People,

I'm graduating my master's degree in music this June. As a part of the final exams Maze to Eden will perform on Wednesday June 7th here in Lucerne at the HSLU in Kriens. I wrote 40 minutes of new music just for this event and for this band. The band this time is big. We're three drummers, bass, two guitars, keyboards and piano plus: a string quartet and a horn quartet. We're 15 people on stage. Also, I made a 40 minute video to accompany the live performance. As we're playing with clicktrack and backing tracks the video is cut perfectly to fit the show.

It's instrumental music as I didn't have time to write lyrics and vocal parts. But there will be a voice there that speaks. An AI voice, yes, that's gonna be interesting. I don't know if it's any good, but that's what these shows at the school are for. You can experiment and see what works and what doesn't. What's certain is that 15 musicians plus technicians put a lot of work and effort into this performance, so we'd all be really happy if you showed up and told us later what you thought of this experiment.

HSLU Kriens, Südpol, Wednesday June 7, 21:30

Hope to see you there,

Patrick Buzo

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