• Patrick Buzo

First of all, Hello There!

Hi People

I just created this website. I hope it's kind of helpful to you guys. Here you'll find all of our info, the latest news and updates of all kinds. We released 'Omelas' our first Single a few weeks ago now and since then the hustle hasn't stopped. I've been experiencing great support from friends and family and rather surprisingly from strangers as well! That's actually the most humbling experience in some sense. Having people you don't know approach you and congratulate you on your music. What a freakin great feeling that is. Now, I know, that's how music works, people discover you and like the music and that's actually what we musicians work for, BUT when it actually happens it kind of feels surreal. So... thank you all for that great support!

I hope this website feels kind of welcoming to you. I don't know yet how up to date I'll be able to keep this website, but, I'm hoping for the best :-)

Our social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube are for sure going to be the most updated sources.

Hope to see you soon,