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Exonerate - New Music!

Yoo People,

I'm a bit behind with announcing that I've released some new music. I worked on this music for over a year now I'm finally releasing it. So many people were involved in creating this music, it's crazy. Six (6!) drummers play on these tracks and on one of them it's even seven. It's a piece that's cut into six parts. I already released parts one and two. Part three is coming this Friday. I'm really excited that Exonerate Part 3 is coming out this week, it's a rather experimental piece. I guess the music in Exonerate will make more sense once I release the whole thing as one bis piece because there's transitions there as well that kind of connect the music. Afterall Exonerate to me is one piece of music.

Alright, make sure to listen to the other two tracks before going into the third one. Hop you like it!


Patrick Buzo

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