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Patrick Buzo is a Swiss Drummer & Musical Director. Much like a conductor of an orchestra Patrick takes over the lead of the band. His drumming leads the musicians into new parts, encourages dynamic expression and keeps the band tight; from count off to ending.

Patrick Buzo was born in Paraguay and raised in Switzerland. His musical journey started at a very young age, when his parents recognized his passion for music & rhythm.  At the age of 8 he started taking piano lessons and at the age of 9, drums took over his focus. He developed his skill and musical knowledge over the years with several teachers in Switzerland, Austria, Paraguay and the USA.
After the completion of his Matriculation with major in music, he joined the Swiss Army as percussionist in the Brass Band. With that band he toured Switzerland and learned a lot about the life on the road.

In 2013 he got hired by Carnival Cruise Line as youngest musician in the company's history. He got to perform on different cruise ships and in different shows. He gained a deep musical understanding by performing with musicians from all around the world. 

Early 2015 Patrick got transferred from the "Carnival Conquest" to the "Carnival Pride" to take over as Musical Director. He became the youngest Musical Director in the company’s history. Being in charge of all the live music and having his own bands he developed strong managerial skills. Leading his bands from rehearsals to performances gave him an even deeper understanding of musicality and showmanship.
In August 2016 Patrick toured Europe with his band "Sunrise Kingdom". He toured through 20 cities and 14 countries, performing in locations like the "Hard Rock Cafe" in Florence and the "Shamrock" in Barcelona.

In 2017 Patrick took over as Musical Director on the Carnival Sensation and in 2018 he agreed to an emergency fill-in contract as drummer on the Carnival Miracle out of Tampa, FL.

In September 2018 he started studying music at the Lucerne University Of Arts and graduated in 2021. Now his focus lies on his band 'Maze to Eden'. Maze to Eden is Patrick's creative home, where he composes the music, arranges the tunes, writes the lyrics and leads the six piece band.

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